Share a haunting ghost story

Share a haunting ghost story

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The legend no longer remains untold...



Chris Smith

Julio Lobato

En Español

Jody Bogle

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Warren Bogle

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Over the years, frequent and unexplainable sightings at the winery of a mysterious apparition have grown...

Warren Bogle

“I saw a glimpse of muddy boots and blue jeans and I knew I wasn’t alone...”

Chris Smith, Director of Winegrowing

Chris Smith

“You know that feeling of someone watching from the shadows...”

Julio Lobato, Cellarmaster

Julio Lobato Signature

Though unclear, its unfathomable presence has come to be known as — the Phantom.

Chardonnay and Red Blend


Hauntingly delicious California wines

Chardonnay Red Blend

Have you seen the Phantom?